In today’s modern world (and especially if you have a completely newly built home) you expect excellent technology to support you and ensure your comfort.
What do we offer you as standard accessories of your home, meeting the highest demands:

•    Heating optimization 

There are several heating systems available. The most up-to-date ones are coupled with a cooling system. This is how we design and implement the most modern wall, floor and ceiling heating/cooling solutions, but the traditional central heating system already saves you immense amounts of energy. Even more importantly, you can heat each room of your apartment individually, to the optimum temperature for those staying there without having to use a great many switches. What you currently often experience is that your boss has a portable thermostat but, while he can make his own room warmer or cooler, in the other rooms the staff suffer from unbearable heat or freezing cold despite the settable thermostats there (the operation of which the staff often don’t understand). How happy does that make you feel at work?

•    Cooling control

You usually speak of cooling optimisation in the case of new houses, office blocks or industrial properties. In every case, one of the most modern solutions is the wall heating/cooling system through which, provided there is proper insulation, your costs can be reduced to incredibly low, while it improves your heat comfort.

•    Central irrigation system (even for balcony plants)

(garden or industrial) Both our garden and industrial irrigation system can be totally custom-made. In addition, they do not only have the usual precipitation meter but are able to obtain data from the weather forecast. Using probes, we can establish sections with various water demands within the irrigation area, without having to get involved with complicated programming.

•    Security systems (entry, alarm and camera systems)

(apartment, house, office, factory), any sensors, cameras, signalling points, etc. can be adopted, so our system is absolutely flexible, easy to connect with an entry system and accessible from a distance.

•    Shading technology (e.g.: moving the shutters up or down)

The automation of the shading technology is generally wanted for energy efficiency, but if you install electric shutters in any case, the savings you can achieve by automation at minimal costs and its easy handling make it a worthy investment. What is more, shutters automation can even be an important accessory of your security system, just think of presence simulation or the simplicity of pulling down forgotten shutters. Just like all our automated systems (e.g. a thermostat), it can be pre-programmed according to any life situation.

•    Illumination technology, switching on and off (mood) lights and regulating the strength and colours of light

This is the way the world is going. Just consider, traditional light bulbs are no longer available in stores. Why not save money if it’s easier than you think? Why not use light for creating atmosphere? Even pre-programmed atmosphere. In addition to light strength, you can even set the lamps connected to which power point should switch on first, by pre-setting even several options. Beyond this, you can set further illumination options starting from movement sensors to presence simulation for burglary prevention purposes.  

•    As something remarkable: the fine-tuning of sound technology This is a very new demand!

This is not aimed at reducing costs. The aim is rather to enable you to play the music you have anywhere (on your server, computer or smart phone) in the room where you happen to be and as loud as you wish. Just think of how pleasant it is to listen to music in a hotel bathroom or bar. You can have the same at your office or home, too! What is more, these systems are easy to connect even with movement sensors. And, so as not to forget, it should be noted that unlawful sound recordings which are so common today can best be distorted with the help of music...

•    Heat recovery ventilation system (constant allergen-free clean air-flow)

As a result of modern insulation technology and windows, the amount of air that gets into modern homes decreases. This causes problems during the night’s sleep primarily and is most apparent in the mornings. This holds for all the rooms in a house. In a properly insulated house, the windows should not be reasonably kept open considering the loss of considerable amounts of heat and energy. Heat recovery ventilation systems provide constant clean air flow in the house by filtering out contamination and allergens from the air, and the air flowing out heats up the air flowing in, thereby reducing energy loss.  

•    And something you should not miss out on: a central vacuum cleaner...

A central (built in) vacuum cleaner is a simple but great opportunity to prevent the dust, dust mites and other allergens from getting back into the room. Moreover, you do not need to pull the vacuum cleaner after you, and the central vacuum cleaner is quiet, too.